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Afpak Cannabis Strain

This strains Afghani/Pakistani landrace heritage is reflected in its name. A hybrid split of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, Afpak is a reliable strain to consider when looking for a low high.

A rare treat for those able to procure this strain in the western world, Afpak has several unique qualities that make it heavily sought after. For example, this strain is rather potent, with an average THC content of 21%. It’s not for the lightweight toker. The inclusion of small amounts of CBD help to soften the edges of a high that can sometimes overpower the body and trigger anxiety in those more sensitive to psychoactive effects.

As an Indica-dominant strain, Afpak does have a considerable amount of sway in how severe symptoms of somatic ailments are felt. This train can offer relief to those suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, and insomnia. Additionally, the moderate amount of Sativa genetics in this strain offer reprove from minor stresses and depression for many individuals.

This strain’s bud profile is uncharacteristic of other Afghani Kush variants in that its flowers are very dense, bright green to yellow, and thickly covered with trichomes and pistils. The aromas are sharp and can be likened to diesel or lemony character. The flavors mirror those same qualities, including berries, nuts, and pine.

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