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African Orange Glue Cannabis Strain

You won’t want to pick this week to stop sniffing glue if it’s African Orange Glue you’ve got in your stash. This strain is a stark example of what good genetics can produce.

A product of the breeding program at Equilibrium Genetics, African Orange Glue combines Glue Bx2 and African orange, an Agent Orange and Heirloom Malawi cross. Together, these parents have created a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain that is as potent as it is pungent. The average THC levels of this strain hoer around 17%, though it’s been tested as high as 19%.

As an equally Indica Sativa hybrid cannabis strain, African Orange Glue is capable of pleasing both camps of medicinal and recreational consumers. As a result, it can help relieve many symptoms of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, cramps, muscle spasms, reducing nausea and induce appetite.

The aromas of this strain range from pure gas to a menagerie of lemon, grass, and chocolate. The flavors are a spicy mix of pungent earth and sour citrus. The buds themselves are bright and thoroughly frosted in trichomes.

Wholesale plants and seeds may be available directly  Equilibrium Genetics, depending on supply and demand, and offer a starting point for this moderately tall crop. Otherwise, many distributors can provide feminized seeds to potential growers. The plants themselves have a flowering time of 9 weeks indoors or 1st of October outdoors.

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