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African Cannabis Strain

African is a cannabis strain hailing from the African continent. It is a landrace strain from which other African strain variations are generally are derived.

While the strain is not especially potent, it is a pure Sativa. This means its effects focus almost entirely on the mind. The cognitive benefits and psychoactive effects may be a bit much for those who are not familiar with such strains. So, ease into this strain if it’s your first introduction to such an example.

With an average THC content of just 12%, the African landrace strain is one that may seem easily approachable for any level of consumer. However, its impact on the mind can induce anxiety in some. This is especially true for those who already have issues with anxiety. Beyond that word of caution, this is an excellent strain to improve the mood, induce appetite, provide a burst of creativity and enjoy a generally uplifting feeling for the duration of the high. Medicinal uses for African include relief from depression, fatigue, menstrual cramps, chronic stress and migraines.

African landrace has many aromas most will find attractive, including pungent earth, grass, pepper, and sweetness. The flavors tend to be more pronounced when it comes to the bud’s herbal, spicy, and sweet character.


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