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Afternoon Delight Indica hybrid cannabis strain

Playing off of a bit of tongue-in-cheek innuendo Afternoon Delight is just that, a pleasure to enjoy towards the end of the day. This strain is an Indica Dominant one and can be quite potent. However, it typically tests with an average THC content of 18%.

Afternoon Delight is a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica hybrid cannabis strain that is a mix of three unique strains. Created by the breeders at Colorado Seeds Inc., Afternoon Delight contains genetics from Banana, Schrom, and Tangie cannabis strains. The mix of these flavorful strains makes for a very tasty smoke or vape, lending further credence to the notion that this strain lives up to its name.

For recreational consumers, the uplifting mood and euphoric effects from this strain make it a reliable go-to. For medicinal users, Afternoon Delight can help alleviate the symptoms of several conditions. Look to Afternoon Delight if you suffer from chronic depression, anxiety, or stress. Afternoon Delight will help elevate mood and induce appetite for those suffering from either loss of appetite or nausea.

The smell of Afternoon Delight can include sharp diesel and pungent skunk notes. However, the flavors are another thing entirely. Afternoon Delight has a notable berry, apple, and citrus characters that induce salivating, only to be rounded out but nut and pine undertones.

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