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A Pure Sativa Strain

Agent Orange is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is known for its orange, spicy taste and delivers strong sativa effects. The cerebral effects of Agent Orange are so strong that they are often called trippy. The strain can produce a sense of euphoria, improving the user’s mood and causing a fuzzy disconnect from reality.

Together with the happy feelings, many users also report a mild body-numbing effect. Users should be prepared for a huge increase in appetite, as well as a sharp increase in energy. It is considered a good strain for getting things done as the ‘trippy’ effects normally ware off very quickly, within twenty to forty minutes. As with most sativa strains, the common negative side effects include cottonmouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia and headache.

The strain is perfect for daytime and morning use. It is a favourite amongst those looking for stress relief and help with depression. While it is not great for chronic pain, it can help with minor pains, and there are users who use it to aid with migraines and fatigue.

Agent Orange was created by TGA Subcool Seeds. They made it by crossing local Orange Skunk with Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen. The plant can grow as tall as 10 feet when it is grown outside, but it is recommended that the strain be grown indoors and topped and trained into a bush. It is a heavy yielding strain that will not fully develop its yield until the last two weeks of flowering. Flowering time is typically between 55 and 65 days.

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