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A Hybrid from Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan

AK-020 was created with parents that originate in Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan, resulting in a fantastic hybrid. The strain is full of complex aromas and flavors and provides a high that goes on and on, thanks to its average THC content of 20%. The nose will provide hints of earth, spice, and sourness. Most use AK-020 in the evening or while enjoying a lazy afternoon free of commitments.

In regards to flavors, it is a sweet and spicy taste combined with an earthy aftertaste and a hint of sourness. The effect is a cerebral high that leaves most people stuck on the couch, but with an uplifted mood, enjoying a relaxed buzz that lingers.

Beyond recreational use, many will use AK-020 to help with depression or particularly stressful periods due to its mellowing effect on the body and mind. It has also been known to help alleviate aches and pains, including muscle injuries, headaches, and back pain. In regards to negative effects, there is nothing more serious to worry about than dry eyes and mouth, as is very common.

If you are interested in growing AK-020, you can do so outdoors, indoors, and in a greenhouse. It is known to be a very easy strain to grow, even for complete beginners with no experience. It just needs some basic care together with healthy soil that has been enhanced by mulching. The plants will then need regular pruning until they reach maturity, and they grow to heights between 150cm and 300m.

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