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A Strong Sativa Known for Euphoria

Alaska is a sativa strain that is known for its long lasting effects with a rapid onset. Tikun Olam, an Israeli company well known for their interesting strains, developed the strain. However, the company has kept Alaska’s genetics a secret, so it can only be guessed at. What is known is that the strain can give energy levels and mood a serious boost, and it has THC levels of up to 30%.

The strain has medium to large flowers with an elongated shape that are almost cylindrical. They are a bright shade of green with rust colored pistils and amber trichomes, which give them a slightly yellow hue and they are resinous to the touch. In regards to smell, there are strong hints of pepper and damp earth. When burnt, the smoke is fairly acrid and tastes spicy.

As noted, Alaska is fast acting and it has been known to affect sensory perceptions, distorting visuals and amplifying sounds. It helps users focus on their immediate surroundings and boosts cerebral thinking. Some have reported repeating the same thoughts over and over in their minds, while others say that it helps with free association thinking. Many report a state of euphoria, as well as being very talkative, especially when in good company. It has also been known to lower inhibitions and increase creativity.

While it is a powerful strain, it is also used medicinally. Many find it can help with stress and depression, and it can also help some people focus. It has also been used to help with chronic aches and pains, but those who suffer from anxiety or who have a low tolerance for THC best avoid it.

The strain can be grown indoors or outside in hot and humid climates. It can grow very tall and it has a long flowering time of roughly 10 weeks.

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