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A Heady Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Alaskan Thunderfuck is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has a complicated genetic history. It is generally thought to have originated in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley as a cross between an unknown Northern California strain and an unknown Russian ruderalis (a rarer genus of cannabis that is neither indica nor sativa). The product of these two strains was then crossed with an Afghani indica landrace to produce the potent strain that is now Alaskan Thunderfuck. The strain gives a strong sense of mental focus together with some gentle physical relaxation. The stain has been measured as having THC of between 13% and 27%.

Alaskan Thunderfuck is distinctive thanks to its chunky buds that have a tapered, spade-like appearance. The leaves are a pale green with a fluffy look and they can be torn easily from their central stems. There are vibrant orange pistils winding their way through the leaves and a dense blanket of trichomes covers the surface of the flowers, making them sticky and difficult to break up.

When it has been properly cured, Alaskan Thunderfuck has a wood-like aroma, with hints of pine and cedar, together with damp earth and a nutty scent. When burnt, the strain has an acrid, funky smoke that some may find harsh. When exhaled the smoke leaves a hint of ammonia and sour lemon. It can be extremely pungent when burnt, so smokers should keep this in mind.

Alaskan Thunderfuck provides a slow onset high and it can take a few minutes for the full effects to be felt. After smoking it users may notice a gradually increase in the alertness of their senses and then a cerebral mind-set that lends itself to analytical thinking may take over.  The strain is favoured by many as a complement to psychedelic music, as well as a social lubricator. As the high continues, some subtle physical tingling may set in, but it is unlikely to cause disorientation or couchlock. In the later stages of the high, it can enhance physical pursuits such as hiking. Alaskan Thunderfuck is a good option for those who wish to keep a clear head while going about their day-to-day tasks. It is excellent for morning and afternoon use, but perhaps best avoided in the evening as it is likely to keep smokers awake. It is a highly potent strain and a small dose can go a long way.

Thanks to its wide-ranging effects, Alaskan Thunderfuck may have some benefits as a medicinal plant. It may help those with attention deficit disorders to focus on a single task. It can also help with mild cases of stress and depression. It is also used by some to soothe headaches and nausea. However, it is not recommended for those who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

There are many companies that sell seeds of this famous strain. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but outdoors it will require a warm, semi-humid climate with consistent daytime sunlight. It has a flowering time of about 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors and offers a high yield. It is a very pungent plant, so growers may wish to use exhaust fans to control the odour.

Alaskan Thunderfuck is a hugely popular strain, it has a complex and surprising flavour and a lasting head high. It is easily one of the most popular sativas on the market.

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