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A Sativa Dominant Strain from Hawaii

‘Alenuihāhā is a hybrid cannabis strain created by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was named after the sea channel that splits the Kona side of the Big Island and the island of Maui. The strain itself is a cross between Kona Gold and Maui Wowie, and it is a very popular choice with those who suffer from tiredness and depression.

‘Alenuihāhā has a very sweet and tropical taste with hints of citrus and pine. When consumed, it produces a cerebral euphoria, leaving users feeling happy and full of creative energy. Many users find themselves laughing a lot, being very talkative, and generally enjoying socializing. It is a potent strain with THC levels of between 15% and 23%.

The strain is not only used recreationally. Many people suffering from depression, tiredness and sleep disorders find that it can help. ‘Alenuihāhā has also been known to help with stress and with chronic aches and pains. It has very limited negative effects, with just the usual dry mouth and eyes reported by users.

In order to breed ‘Alenuihāhā seeds, growers need to cultivate a mixture of the Kona Gold and Maui Wowie strains. As with most cannabis strains that have their origins in Hawaii, ‘Alenuihāhā is best grown in similar climates, such as the Mediterranean coast or equatorial regions where the days are long and hot. When grown with proper amounts of sunlight, ‘Alenuihāhā will produce thick flowers and grow to more than 2 meters tall.

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