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Taking You Down the Rabbit Hole

As the name suggests, Alice in Wonderland is a strain known for taking users on a long fall down the rabbit hole. It is a sativa strain but the specific genetics are not known. Many believe that it is a descendant of Willy’s Wonder strain and it is famous for its heavy effects.

The THC levels in Alice and Wonderland can be as high as 23%. In terms of appearance, the buds are covered in trichomes, orange hairs and resin. It has aromas of nature, including flowers, berries, and earth.

When smoked, Alice in Wonderland can produce a sensory overload with highs of extreme happiness and lows of extreme relaxation. The initial hit is very creative and it will enable you to focus without the sense of anxiety that often comes from sativas. Many love smoking this strain in nature, as it allows them to appreciate the sights and sounds in an entirely new way. It is ideal for those seeking a Wonderland adventure of their very own.

The strain also has medicinal uses with many people using it to help with conditions such as depression, stress, tiredness and bipolar disorder. It is a truly uplifting high but it can also help as a sedative, so may be of use to those suffering with sleep problems, chronic pain, and muscle tension.

As with many strains of unknown genetics, Alice in Wonderland can be difficult to grow. There is lots of conflicting advice out there, so it may be best to try to consult with somehow who has prior experience of growing it.

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