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– A Sativa Dominant Wonderland Strain

Alice is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was bred by Alphakronik Genes as part of their Wonderland series. The strain is a cross of Snowdawg and Gobstopper, and it is well known for its medicinal potential.

The plant has thick, sticky and resinous flowers covered in white trichomes, with shades of green and purple underneath. The smell is earthy and sour, and when burnt, it produces a milky smoke with a skunk aftertaste and hints of berries, earth and citrus flavors underneath.

Despite being a hybrid, it does not have very strong sedative effects. The first hit often produces a fast uplift that results in euphoria. It is known to be both relaxing and energizing, making people forget their troubles but leaving them capable of enjoying the day and doing things.

As mentioned, Alice is known for its medicinal properties, and people suffering from conditions as diverse as attention disorders, eating disorders, arthritis, and more have used it. It has also been known to help with mood-related disorders such as stress, depression, anxiety, and bipolar. The negative effects are not particularly extreme, and may include dry mouth and eyes, restlessness, and headaches or dizziness in particularly high doses.

Alice is not the easiest strain to grow and newcomers may struggle a bit. It is best grown indoors; but in the right weather conditions, the strain can thrive outside. It is advised to trim the plant, while the germinating period is within 10 days of planting it while the harvesting period is between 7 and 8 weeks.

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