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A Balanced Hybrid with a Happy High

Alien Asshat is a well-balanced hybrid that provides intense cerebral and physical effects. It was created by Sky High Gardens who have kept its lineage a closely guarded secret but many believe that it is a cross between Asshat and Alien OG.

The strain delivers a psychedelic high that starts almost immediately. It will make people happy and give them a euphoric rush. Many people find it inspires creativity and encourages free flowing thinking. Moreover, thanks to Alien Asshat’s indica properties, it is physically relaxing without being too sedating. Nonetheless, heavy use may lead to a couchlock effect.

Alien Asshat gives of a smell with hints of lemon and citrus and when smoked there is a strong earthy aroma. The citrus extends to the taste on the inhale and the exhale leaves an aftertaste of earth and skunk.

The strain is often used to help with stress relief and depression, thanks to the happy high it delivers. It provides a stable and clearheaded mood, which may be beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety. Furthermore, the indica effects may also help with various aches and pains. There are no extreme adverse effects, but some may suffer from dry mouth and eyes.

When grown the plants are tall with strong stalks. Furthermore, it can cope with sudden changes in temperature, making it slightly easier to grow. Nonetheless, in cooler climates it is best grown indoors where it is easier to control the temperature and humidity. However, it should be noted that it is a very pungent plant. Generally, the plant will flower in 8 to 10 weeks and yield at least 340 grams per square meter.

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