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A Psychoactive Hybrid

Alien Hallucination is a hybrid strain that was developed by Alien Genetics. It is known as a well balanced hybrid that was produced by crossing the strains Tahoe Alien and LSD. It is recommended for experienced users and those who enjoy some visual distortions together with their high.

However, it is not an extremely potent strain, with THC levels of 24% at most. Its flowers are bright green with purple undertones and lots of orange pistils. There are also amber trichomes. The aroma is sweet with earth and citrus, and the citrus flavour remains when it is smoked.

Most would say that this is a strain best used in the evening. It will provide an initial hit of euphoria and creative thinking, but this mellows out into a very stoned state with psychoactive experiences. It provides a balance between an active mind and heavy body, which is enjoyable yet not conducive to getting things done.

Many believe that Alien Hallucination has many medicinal benefits and will use it for issues such as stress and depression. However, as the strain also has strong physical effects, it may also help with pain and muscle issues. As a powerful strain, it can also help those who suffer from insomnia.

While it is not the easiest strain to grow, most amateurs should have few problems growing Alien Hallucination. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and will provide a big yield in just nine weeks. The plants grow to a moderate size, making them ideal for home growth, but the seeds are hard to come by.

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