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A Highly Potent Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Alien Inferno is an indica-dominant hybrid that has been compared to powerful strains such as White Fire #6, Alien OG, and Diablo. The strain was bread by LivWell and while both recreational and medical users use it, it is not recommended for newcomers.

The strain is about 70% indica and has an average THC level of 19%. It has a sweet pine flavor with hints of lemons and earth. The smell is similar, with pine and diesel. In terms of appearance, the buds are covered in bright red hairs and crystal trichomes.

As noted, it is a very potent strain. While it is indica-dominant, many say that the initial hit is cerebral and introspective. Your mind will work quickly and you will find that you have become very talkative. However, this is eventually replaced by a heavy stoned feeling, which you can sink into and enjoy for many hours.

As it is such a potent strain, many people who suffer from chronic fatigue find it to be very helpful. Furthermore, when smoked far enough in advance, it can also help with insomnia, as the high becomes very mellow. Some people also use it to help with depression, appetite loss and chronic stress.

The average Alien Inferno plant grows to a medium size and produces a medium to big yield, but this of course depends on the grower, the conditions and the soil. It is mainly recommended for experienced growers who are familiar with difficult growing techniques. The flowering time is usually around 9 weeks.


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