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A Potent Hybrid with High THC Levels

Alien Reunion is a cross of Alien OG and Alien Dawg that was developed by Cannobi Genetics. It is known for producing an inspirational high that is powerful from beginning to end. The exact genetics of this strain are not known, but many say it is 50/50 indica sativa. What is known is that it has a very high THC content, of around 28%.

The nugs are a forest green and they are covered with amber crystal trichomes and a sticky resin. The aroma contains hints of nuts and skunk, while the flavors are wide ranging and include cheese, apple, citrus, and more.

When smoked, Alien Reunion creates an energetic and happy high full of creative energy. As such, it is particularly popular with artists. It leaves users productive while also relaxing the body, producing a very pleasant body buzz. While it is not ideal for those who need to be active, it does not produce a full on couchlock.

Because of these relatively mild effects, many think that Alien Reunion is an excellent choice for newcomers to the Alien family of strains. It also has many medicinal uses and is often used to help with headaches, inflammation, muscle aches, and general pain. Furthermore, it has been known to help with lack of appetite and nausea.

While Alien Reunion is not the easiest strain to grow, anyone with some experience should be able to manage. It produces an average yield that is ready in about 7 to 9 weeks. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, pruning and topping will be beneficial.


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