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A Strong Indica Cannabis Strain

Alien Rift is an indica cannabis strain that was developed by Ocean Grown Seeds. It was conceived as an improvement on their popular Alien Abduction strain, and it was created by backcrossing an Alien Abduction phenotype with Alien Dawg and Alien OG plants. The result is a potent indica with THC levels as high as 24%.

The strain has small to medium buds that have mossy green leaves typical of the indica structure. Thanks to pigments known as anthocyanins, the leaves may also have purple hues, especially when grown in colder temperatures. There are also orange pistils throughout the leaves and a huge number of trichomes on the inner and outer surfaces.

After curing, the flowers have an earthy smell with hints of pine and citrus. When ground, the buds have a hash-like aroma and when burnt, it produces a very smooth smoke with a clean taste on the inhale. When exhaled, there is an aftertaste of lemons and damp earth.

It produces a subtle high at first that can result in a sharpening of the senses, in particular sight and hearing. Many users also find that it helps them focus, making it a good choice for tasks such as cleaning the house. Over time, the high becomes more physical and it relaxes the body. The combination of the physical and psychological can be slightly trippy. It should also be noted that large doses might lead to couchlock. Some also find that it helps with stress and depression, as well as attention deficit disorders. Furthermore, it has also been known to help with aches and pains.

Alien Rift is reasonably easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. The plant rarely grows to more than 3 feet tall and it will flower within 8 to 10 weeks.

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