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A Fast Hitting Moderate Sativa

Alien Stardawg is a sativa cannabis strain that was created by Green Beanz Seeds by mixing Alien Kush F2 and Stardawg BX. The result is a popular strain that has been found to have THC levels of between 14% and 23%.

Visually, the strain has spongy leaves with colorful nugs that have hues of green blue, and magenta, and are covered with crystal trichomes. The aroma is that of sweet fruits with an undertone of spicy kush. When inhaled there are hints of berry with a diesel aftertaste.

The onset of the high is very fast and produces an immediate sense of euphoria. It clears the mind and leaves people feeling happy and upbeat. Many people find that it makes them talkative, and they find that there is a non-stop flow of ideas that need to be shared. There is also a balanced body high; the body is relaxed but nowhere near a couchlock, making it a popular daytime strain.

Because Alien Stardawg produces such a positive high, many have found that it can help stabilize their mood. As such, it is popular with those who suffer from depression, stress, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Furthermore, the body high has been known to help with easing aches and pains. As is common with cannabis, the negative effects include dry mouth and dry eyes.

The plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. They will need maintenance and regular trimming or pruning to prevent them becoming too tall. It produces a moderate yield and it normally flowers in about 9 to 10 weeks.

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