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An Exceedingly Rare Indica

Alien Technology is an indica cannabis strain that is particularly rare. It is descended from a pure inbred Afghani landrace, but its exact origins are unknown. However, many believe that a soldier returning from the region brought it back. What is known is that it has been a core component of many Alien strains that are popular throughout the US, in particularly Alien Dawg and Alien Kush.

The plant is short and burly and it produces heavy yields of tightly packed flowers that are light green with dark emerald patches. They are also covered in orange and brown pistils as well as bright white trichomes, which give it a fluffy appearance. It has a mix of spicy and earthy aromas, and this is reflected in the taste. It is smooth when smoked and has a turpentine and vanilla aftertaste, which often lingers for a long time.

Alien Technology is known for producing a high that can last from 2 up to 6 hours. It is a very strong strain and many find that just a couple of hits are enough to keep them going. It has typical indica effects, meaning that it is a sedative and leaves people feeling calm, cerebral and happy. As such, it can improve moods, sharpen the senses, and induce true euphoria. This also makes it medically beneficial and it can help sooth sore muscles and joints, as well as help with anxiety and stress.

As mentioned, it is a rare strain, so not much is known about growing it. What is known is that indoors it takes about 8 or 9 weeks to flower.

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