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A Hybrid Also Known as Ewok

Alien Walker, which is also known as Ewok, is a hybrid cannabis strain that was produced by crossbreeding Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker. The strain is well known and it won the Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013. Developed by Alien Genetics, it has THC levels of around 19% and it is slightly indica dominant.

The flowers are fluffy with red hairs and smell like a mixture of kush and tangerines. This is also true of the taste, which has a pleasant bitterness.

Alien Walker produces a high that is both calming and energetic. It is known to trigger creativity, but as an indica-dominant strain, it can make completing tasks a bit difficult. However, the strain is very popular with medicinal users and it has been known to help with a huge range of conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, and insomnia. Some users have also said that it is a strain that helps them focus, which means it may be of help to those with attention deficit disorder.

A great advantage of Alien Walker is that it is not considered difficult to grow. It is very fast growing and can begin producing flowers after just 30 days. Considering how quickly it grows, the strain produces a very good yield, and with advanced setups, the yield can be extremely impressive. It is slightly harder to grow outdoors as it needs proper nutrition. However, when done correctly the plants can grow to 6 feet or more and produce excellent yields.

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