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Indica with Lots of CBD

Aliens on Moonshine is an indica cannabis strain that is known for being soothing and medically helpful, primarily due to its very high levels of CBD. It was created by Sin City Seeds and it is a cross between Sour Alien and White Moonshine. It resulted in a strain that is very low in THC, around 9%, but with CBD levels of around 35%.

The plant has large flowers with small, broad leaves. The leaves are a mixture of green and lavender covered with curly orange pistils and white trichomes, making them very colorful. When correctly cured, Aliens on Moonshine has a fruity smell with notes of citrus. When burnt, it produces a smooth smoke that is easy to inhale and leaves a sweet, chemical taste on the exhale.

Due to the high levels of CBD, Aliens on Moonshine produces a different kind of high. It is physically relaxing but it won’t leave you feeling stoned. However, it may help alleviate anxieties and troubling thoughts. Furthermore, some have said it helps with creative thinking. After a while, the physical effects become more pronounced and users may find that they struggle to move around a lot. Therefore, it is probably a strain best enjoyed in the evening.

The CBD makes it a strain that has many medicinal uses. It has been known to help with stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. On the physical side, many say it helps relieve aches and pain. Furthermore, due to the low THC levels, it is very helpful for those who are prone to paranoia or anxiety.

It is not possible to buy Aliens on Moonshine seeds, but if you obtain clippings then it can be grown both indoors and outdoors.


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