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An Indica Strain That Packs a Punch

Allen Inversion OG is an indica cannabis strain developed by Good as Gold in California. It is known for being extremely high in THC and many believe that it is part of the Alien family due to its flavor and extreme potency. It has been known to induce both euphoria and relaxation, while smokers regularly praise its flavor.

The buds have an aroma of lemon, spices, and earthy pine. The taste is very similar wit hints of citrus and spicy lemon, and when exhaled, it is very earthy. When smoked, most people report extreme euphoria that clears the mind of all negativity. As the high progresses and starts to mellow, people become very relaxed and almost sleepy.

Because of these properties, many believe that Allen Inversion OG can be medicinally beneficial. The high will help to deal with stress, depression, and mental fatigue. The relaxation that comes afterwards can help with muscle aches, general pains, insomnia, and so on. As usual, smokers can expect a sense of dry eyes and mouth, but there are no serious side effects. However, as it is a potent strain, first timers should treat it with caution.

Allen Inversion OG is not a particularly difficult strain to grow. It can be cultivated both indoors and outside. It will certainly benefit from organic nutrients, but growers should be careful not to overwater it. The plants will benefit from trimming and if trained properly, it will produce a high yield.

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