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A Prize Winning Indica Cananbis Strain

Allkush is an indica cannabis strain that originated in the “Hippie Trail” that stretches across Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, the strain was popularized in Amsterdam where it won second prize in the 2005 Highlife Cannabis Cup. It is a hugely popular strain that is moderately strong, with THC of around 16% to 18%.

The buds are small and light green with a covering of yellow hairs and white trichomes. The plant has a kush smell with hints of earth and spice. When consumed, the high is powerful but not extreme. However, newcomers should treat it with it caution as in high dosages it has been known to induce mild paranoia. Generally, it leaves users feeling happy and it will relax the body but without inducing a couchlock. There is an initial and long-lasting buzz before it settles down and will likely leave you feeling a bit sleepy and ready for a good night of rest. The smoke itself is very smooth, making it easy to consume.

Interestingly, it is a strain that was used medicinally before it was used recreationally. Many have found that it helps with anxiety, depression, stress and mood disorders thanks to its uplifting effects. Furthermore, as it has sedative properties, it can also help with insomnia, attention deficit disorders, and pain.

Allkush is not the easiest cannabis strain to grow, but it is certainly not the hardest. It produces a good sized yield in around 9 weeks. However, you should be aware that the plant is tall and quite pungent.

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