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An Award Winning Sativa

Alpha Blue is a sativa cannabis strain that descends from the very popular Blue Dream and the hybrid strain NYC Diesel. It is a very successful strain that won the 2nd Best Sativa awards in two different regional High Times Cannabis Cups. The strain is sometimes known as Dream Diesel and it may have THC levels of between 15% and 20%.

The plant has a typical sativa structure with leaves that are fluffy in texture and appearance. They are bright green with red and orange hairs. It gives of an aroma of blueberries and when ground up, the NYC Diesel influence is apparent. When burnt, it produces a smooth smoke that has hints of pepper and sour fruit.

The high from Alpha Blue will heighten the senses, particularly sight, hearing and touch. It can also induce recursive thinking or aid free association. This is accompanied by a slight body buzz that is highly relaxing. However, it will not leave you couchlocked. As such, it is a good strain in numerous settings, both alone and social.

Many people use Alpha Blue medicinally. It has been known to help with stress, anxiety and depression, while it can also help those suffering with attention deficit disorders. Thanks to its physical effects, the strain can also help with aches and pains. It should be noted that it is known for producing a very long lasting high.

Not much is known about the best way to grow Alpha Blue. However, outside it will require Mediterranean-like climates with temperatures of between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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