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A Rare and Powerful Sativa

Alpha Cow is a sativa cannabis strain that was created by The Farm by crossing Alpha Blue and Purple Cow. It is known for providing a hard hitting high that is energizing and euphoric.

The nugs are spade shaped and covered in orange hairs and amber trichomes. It smells similar to hash and has flavors that will remind you of berries, toffee and cream. In many ways, the plant reflects the high it provides, full of vibrant colors and enjoyable flavors.

As mentioned, it is known for its hard hitting high that comes on extremely quickly. The sense of euphoria is immediate and it will last for the entire high. The high will not result in racing thoughts and there is no pounding heartbeat that some sativas induce. The cerebral sensations and positivity will remain throughout the high, making it a great strain to smoke in the morning or the middle of the day. Due to the high THC levels, newcomers are advised to treat this strain with caution.

However, it can be a real aid to those who suffer from depression, stress or bipolar disorder, thanks to its powerful uplifting properties. However, it is not a strain recommended to those who suffer from paranoia or anxiety as it has been known to agitate some symptoms.

Unfortunately, very little is known about growing Alpha Cow and it is a rare strain to find. As such, it is not recommended for beginner growers. However, it is known to flower in around 10 to 12 weeks and it will produce a large yield.

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