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A Giggly Sativa

Alpha Express is a sativa strain that is loved by those looking for a high that leaves them motivated, talkative and giggling. It was produced by Alpha Express Genetics by crossing Alpha Blue and Ghost Train, and it well known for its uplifting effects and enjoyable flavors.

The strain has THC levels averaging 19% to 21% and its flavor profile includes juniper and pine as well as a nutty aftertaste. In regards to aroma, there is a mixture of earthy, cedar kush overtones together with forest pine and ginger. Alpha Express has olive green buds with bright orange hairs and red trichomes.

When smoked, Alpha Express delivers a fast acting, cerebral rush accompanied by a sense of euphoria. Just one hit is often enough to leave people giggly and light limbed, while eventually the full body relaxes. Tingles begin in the head and then work down the body, and newcomers should be aware that it is a fairly strong hit from beginning to end.

Alpha Express is also favored by medicinal users who find it can help relieve pain and aid sleep. Many find that it can also help with mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder, thanks to its uplifting effects.

While it is not a very hard strain to grow, it is not recommended for beginners. The plant will need heavy topping, but then it becomes easy to grow, so those with some experience should have no problems. It flowers in 7 to 9 weeks and gives an average to above average yield.

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