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An Energetic Indica Strain

Alpine OG is an indica cannabis strain that originated in Chile and was developed by crossbreeding Space Que and Chemdog. The strain actually has various phenotype variations, but they are mostly heavily skunky with an Afghani descent.

Alpine OG buds are green with hues of yellow, and covered with crystalline shaped white trichomes. When the buds are broken open, they give off a sweet scent, but the dominant aroma is pungent diesel. The flavors when smoked include fruits, pines and citrus.

The strain is known for its euphoric and calming effects that can help to wash away day to day stress. It is very uplifting and energizing, so it is perfect for daytime smoking or tackling a difficult task. Because of this, it has become popular with medicinal users, particularly those who struggle with stress and depression. Many also claim that it can help with autoimmune diseases, insomnia and chronic pain.

As always, there are some negative effects to be aware of, including sleeplessness, dry mouth, and dry eyes. However, they are no more extreme than the effects of any other cannabis strain and even newcomers should have no real problems.

Alpine OG can be grown both indoors and outdoors, depending on the type of soil. In the first week after planting, the strain needs to be watered at least three times a day to ensure that the soil does not become too arid. It will produce a large yield, normally in about 7 to 9 weeks. However, it is not considered an easy strain to grow, so beginners may wish to seek advice from a more experienced grower.

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