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A Hybrid Cannabis Strain for the Gods

As Greek scholars will know, Ambrosia means ‘food of the gods’ and many cannabis fans will agree that this strain is exactly that. It is a cross between Mighty Mite Seed Company’s Burmese and Jordan of the Islands’ God Bud. Ambrosia is a hybrid strain and its THC levels average 14% to 16%.

The strain has aromas of tropical fruit, sweet pine, and earth, which are reflected in its flavor, which also carries a hint of flowers. The buds themselves are large, spade-shaped, and dense with bright green hues and yellow undertones. They are covered in vibrant orange hairs and powdery white trichomes.

Ambrosia provides a fast and hard-hitting high that will last a long time. It begins by relaxing the shoulders and head before working down the body, spreading to the limbs. It is a highly cerebral high that will leave you feeling heavy but light headed after just a couple of hits. There are waves of euphoria and body numbness, but no couch lock.

The strain is popular with medicinal users who suffer from anxiety, stress and bipolar disorder. Some people say that it can help with ADHD and PTSD; however, it is more suited to treating chronic pain and muscle spasms. Ambrosia also induces the munchies so it can help those with easing disorders or appetite loss.

Ambrosia is not considered very hard to grow. It will flourish both indoors and outside, and when grown indoors is will flower in 8 to 10 weeks and provide an above average yield.

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