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A Strong Indica from Enterprise Seeds

Americano is an indica cannabis strain that was developed by Enterprise Seeds by crossing Northern Lights with Skunk #1. It has above average THC levels of around 20%, making it a strong high that is fast hitting and long lasting.

The buds are deep green with amber hairs and a thick layer of sticky white trichomes and resin. When smoked it has a pine flavor and a skunky sweet aftertaste. The initial hit from Americano leaves people feeling clear headed and creative. However, as the high progresses, this becomes a bit weightier and the body becomes relaxed and happy. Nonetheless, it remains energetic, meaning that it is a good choice for daytime use and for getting things done. However, it does have a heavy comedown, so be prepared to sleep when the high wears off.

Many people use Americano medicinally. It has been known to help with depression and stress, as it is great at elevating the mood. Furthermore, thanks to the heavy comedown, it can help those who struggle with insomnia. The strain has also been used to help with pain relief and a lack of appetite.

Those interested in growing Americano will be pleased to hear that it can flower in as little as six weeks, but it normally takes around eight to ten. The plants produce an above average yield and they are ready to be harvested once the resin is visible to the naked eye. It is considered a relatively easy strain to grow and the seeds are readily available.

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