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Hybrid from Zion Botanicals

Amethyst is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by Zion Botanicals by crossing Sage N Sour with Granddaddy Purple. It is known for being a visually striking strain that produces a high that is creative and relaxing without being excessively mellow.

Depending on how it is bred, Amethyst can actually be indica dominant or a fifty-fifty strain. This means that there are two different flavor profiles and different effects, with THC levels ranging from 13% all the way up to 20%. The buds are small with light green leaves and dark purple undertones. They have an aroma of lavender and pine, with hints of citrus and berries. The flavor can range from spicy orange to dark berries, with lavender and pine in the smoke.

Amethyst is also liked by medicinal users who claim that it can help with ADHD, bipolar disorder PTSD and stress. Just a few hits is enough to relax users and replace stress with a sense of airiness and creativity. It can also help those who suffer from fatigue, as it is an energizing strain with a long lasting high.

The strain is considered easy to moderate to cultivate, making it great for newcomers looking to improve their skills. However, it is not idea for first time growers. It produces a high yield and indoors it has a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. However, it is can also be grown outdoors.

As noted, there are several versions of Amethyst; however, it is certainly worth a try and it is likely to be enjoyed by all users, from complete beginners to connoisseurs.

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