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A Sativa Dominant Strain

Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that despite what the name suggests, will not leave you with gaps in your memory. It is a cross of the popular Haze strain with several worldwide landraces including Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani. The strain has average THC levels in the 20% to 25% range.

Amnesia Haze has chunky, dense flowers that are tickly packed but with buds that are more conical than round. The buds have rust colored pistils that stand out against light green leaves. The flowers have a lemony smell with undertones of earthiness. There are also hints of wood. It produces a smooth smoke when exhaled with a typical Haze strain taste, full of spices and citrus.

The high is fast hitting and it induces cerebral thinking and thoughtfulness. Many experience a sense of euphoria and feel energized. However, while it is sativa dominant, there is enough indica to ensure that users feel relaxed. As such, it is a good strain for activities that involve both mind and body. Furthermore, it may help those who suffer from attention deficit disorders and who have trouble concentrating on specific tasks. However, it can induce a sense of the mind racing, which may not be enjoyable for those who suffer from anxiety. Furthermore, cannabis newcomers may want to insure that they begin with a relatively small dose, especially as it is a particularly long lasting high.

Amnesia Haze can easily be grown indoors, thanks to its busy stature that doesn’t usually exceed 3 or 4 feet. However, it does take a long time to flower, usually 10 to 12 weeks. On the other hand, it produces a large yield of roughly 60g per square foot of plant.


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