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A Popular Family of Sativa Cannabis Strains

Amnesia is a name used for several strains, all of which share numerous properties and together they have won more than 18 awards. It is a hugely popular family of strains both medicinally and recreationally and officially, it is considered to be a cross between Bubblegum and Super Silver Haze.

The strain takes its name from the fact that it is potent enough to leave people feeling very dopey, almost with short-term memory loss. However, it is widely agreed that the memories it does leave are extremely happy. Amnesia is known as an energizing strain that is accompanied by a light body tingle. Many report Amnesia as having an aroma of citrus, diesel, and earth, while the flavors profile is very similar.

Medicinally, those who suffer from depression and stress disorders may benefit from Amnesia, as its sativa high is uplifting. It may also help with sleep disorders as once the initial energetic high wears of it is deeply relaxing. However, as it is often a highly potent strain, those who suffer from anxiety should be careful with dosage, as should newcomers. It will also likely induce dry eyes and mouth.

For a long time, Amnesia was only available as a clone from Hy-Pro. Almost all Amnesia strains are a descendant of this first plant. Most strains are sativa dominant and they will take around 8 or 9 weeks to flower, but it can be a bit longer. Some strains grow very tall, up to 180cm, which growers should be aware of. Generally, it is a strain best grown indoors, but in the right climate, it can thrive outside as well.

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