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A Powerful Indica from Whazzup

As the name suggests, Anesthesia is a highly sedative indica cannabis strain that is perfect for relieving pain and sending you to sleep. It was produced by breeder Whazzup by crossing Afghan Skunk with Herojuana, and it won the Breeder’s Choice award.

The strain was deliberately designed to be potent and it has average THC levels of around 19%. The buds are dense and have an earthy aroma while the flavors are very much typical of Afghan Skunk. It is an attractive plant with crystals that give it a glossy shine.

The high from Anesthesia sets in very quickly. Recreationally, it is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day and destressing before bed. However, it will make you very hungry, so be sure to keep snacks on hand. Soon after smoking, you will find yourself almost glued to the couch in a state of peaceful bliss.

Medicinally, the strain is designed to help with pain. It will relax muscles and ease cramp, helping with chronic pain, muscle tension and headaches. It can also aid those who suffer from insomnia, nausea or a lack of appetite. However, in large doses it can lead to paranoia and a dry mouth, so newcomers should be careful.

Anesthesia seeds are very easy to come by. The plants are short and wide, so when grown indoors they will need to be pruned. Furthermore, be warned that they are very pungent. The plants will flower in around 9 to 10 weeks and should produce a high yield.

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