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An Indica Dominant Hybrid from Bodhi Seeds

Angelica is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain that was bred by Bodhi Seeds. It was created by crossing Hell’s OG and ’88 G13 Hash Plant strains. It has average THC levels that range from 15% all the way up to 23%, so it can be extremely potent.

Angelica has a very strong aroma of spices with a Kush overtone that contains hints of flowers, incense and lemon. The flavor is lemony with hints of mint, and it is very rich on the exhale with strong suggestions of flowers. When burnt, it produces thick smoke.

The high from Angelica is relaxing and euphoric, making it perfect for helping with day-to-day stress. It also provokes a body high, which will leave you feeling sleepy. As such, it may be helpful for a variety of medicinal purposes such as pain, including headaches, muscle aches and muscle spasms. It can also help with insomnia, appetite problems and depression. As a relatively potent strain, Angelica can cause dry mouth and eyes, as well as feelings of anxiety in some. It is important to remember that in high doses, Angelica will cause couchlock and it is often accompanied by the munchies.

Angelica is considered a medium difficulty strain to grow. It is best grown indoors and will require some day to day tending. Normally it will flower in about 9 weeks and produce a relatively large yield. If grown outdoors, then it needs a warm and sunny climate.

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