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An Energetic Space Trip

Apollo 13 is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is best known for its psychedelic and spacey head high. It is the result of a cross between Princess 75 and Genius undertaken by Brothers Grimm Seeds, and it has average THC levels of 15% to 19%.

The strain has large green buds that are covered in amber pistils and white trichomes. Apollo 13 has sweet, woody flavors and aromas of citrus, earth and pepper. When smoked, the high gives creativity a huge boost together with an improved mood and feelings of euphoria. Like other sativa dominant strains, it gives smokers energy and Apollo 13 is particularly well known for increasing focus.

Apollo 13 is a strain that is probably best used early in the day, whether recreationally or medicinally. Some states on the West Coast of the US have been reporting an increase in the amount of Apollo 13 prescribed to adults with ADD. Other medicinal uses may be the treatment of stress or depression. While it is not suited to treating severe pain, it may help to relieve minor aches, and it can also aid with nausea and appetite problems. The strain carries the usual risks of negative side effects such as dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, headaches and paranoia.

A great property of Apollo 13 is that it is very easy to grow, as it requires hardly any attention. It will flower in about 7 or 8 weeks and will normally deliver a very high yield. It is ideal for an indoor Sea of Green setup, but it will also flourish outdoors in warm climates.

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