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A Sativa-Dominant Hybrid from Brothers Grimm Seeds

Apollo Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that was most likely developed by Brothers Grimm Seeds. Brothers Grimm Seeds has its origins in Canada, but it was closed for more than a decade due to security and legal concerns. However, Mr. Soul reopened Brothers Grimm Seeds in Colorado and he retrieved all of the stashed clones and started the operation again.

Apollo Haze was created by crossing Genius with an acquaintance’s own Super Silver Grail Haze that was gifted to Mr. Soul. It produced a plant that provides a potent, heady high with no crash and average THC levels of 20%.

The strain is known for its medium olive green buds that have prominent orange pistils. Some of these buds become huge during flowering and create extremely thick resin. Apollo Haze has a very complex aroma that becomes even stronger when the buds are broken. It includes citrus, diesel fuel, berries, tropical fruit and a classic Haze skunk. The flavor is sweet and many say it contains hints of elderberries.

When smoked, the high from Apollo Haze is very powerful. It begins with a euphoric head rush and it will leave your mind racing from beginning to end. The high is perfect for when you need to focus on a list of tasks or need to boost creativity to overcome a challenge. Furthermore, many people claim that it can help depression as it boosts the mood and prevents apathy. The high is long lasting but when it ends, you will not crash, making it perfect for all day use.

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