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An Extremely Potent Hybrid

Apple Fritter is a famous hybrid strain of cannabis that people actually know very little about. It is thought to have been created by crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, and it has won a number of awards.

The strain stands out for its incredibly high average THC levels of around 32%. The nugs have a dusting of trichomes and bright orange pistils. As the name suggests, when smoked it has a sweet apple taste.

Newcomers to smokers should treat this strain with caution as it is so potent and even experienced smokers should avoid it on busy days. The initial hit is euphoric and full of creative energy. However, it is also hugely relaxing and as the high continues, the sedation intensifies until it eventually leads to couchlock and sleep. However, this means that is has many medicinal benefits. Its potency means that Apple Fritter can help with all kinds of pains and insomnia, and it will also help with stress, depression and anxiety. However, it is always important to remember how strong of a strain it is, and to treat it with caution.

Despite how popular Apple Fritter is, it is very hard to find seeds or clones of the strain. Furthermore, there is hardly any information available on how to cultivate the strain. Luckily, it is still easy to find in dispensaries and those who want to enjoy its extreme effects should have no problem doing so. Just remember to only try it on days when you truly have nothing of importance to do.

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