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A Balanced Hybrid with an Energetic High

Apple Jack is a hybrid cannabis strain that was developed by Seedism Seeds, a top Dutch breeder. It is a cross of Jack Herer and White Widow that provides a truly dynamic high.

The average THC level of Apple Jack is in the region of 20%. However, thanks to the balance of indica and sativa, it is a very potent high. As the name suggests, the flavors include fruit, tart and apple while the aroma includes apples, sugar and very pungent earth.

Apple Jack is an excellent strain to help you focus on tasks and to do lists. It is a smooth smoke that gives you an immediate cerebral rush. You will be energized straightaway and ready to tackle the day. There is a sense of full body relaxation typical of an indica, but it is nowhere near a couchlock effect.

Many find that Apple Jack can help with mood and attention disorders such as stress, depression, bipolar and ADHD. It leaves smokers feeling uplifted and relaxed, making it ideal for these types of conditions. As it is an energetic strain, it can also help with fatigue and clinical exhaustion.

The major negative of Apple Jack is that it is still quite hard to come across. There is very little information about how to grow it and there are many other strains that go by similar names but are entirely different, so beware when trying to track it down. However, it isn’t impossible to find and there is a good chance that you will find it for sale in a local dispensary.

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