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An Award Winning Hybrid

Appleberry is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that was produced by Sumo Seeds in Amsterdam. It was created in a number of stages, first by crossing Dynamite with Bubblicious. The result of that cross was then crossed with White Widow. The strain won first prize in the Bio category of the 2016 Highlife Cup in Amsterdam.

Appleberry is a very attractive plant and it also has a very distinctive aroma and flavor. It has tapered buds that are covered in fuzzy dark orange pistils and lots of white trichomes. The aroma is full of scents of nature and the outdoors such as earthy woods, flowers and berries. These become even more prominent when the buds are broken up. As the name suggests, the flavor is a mixture of fresh apples and sweet berries.

The high from Appleberry begins with a subtle pressure behind the eyes. It then starts to build dramatically and will leave users in a stunned stupor. Even highly experienced smokers find that they become couch locked for hours after smoking just a little. Furthermore, it leaves users feeling very hungry, so it is a good idea to have snacks to hand when smoking it.

The strain is also popular with medicinal users who find that it can help with arthritis and chronic pain, as well as mood disorders, stress, and insomnia. However, while it may have moderate average THC levels of around 20% as noted, it is very hard hitting high, so newcomers should treat it with caution.

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