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Apples and Bananas is a hybrid cannabis strain

Apples and Bananas is a hybrid cannabis strain that was developed by Compound Genetics in conjunction with Cookies. It was made by crossing multiple strains. First Platinum Cookies was crossed with Grandaddy Purple and the offspring was then crossed with Blue Power. Finally, that offspring was then bred with Gelatti.

The results are dense and chunky buds that are made up of coiled olive-green and violet leaves. There are a few orange pistils and a reasonably thick coat of white trichomes that give the buds a frosted appearance. The aroma is fruity and full of apples and spices. The banana can be harder to detect amongst the gassy fumes and pine odor. When smoked, the flavor is that of sour apples and spices mixed with gas and pine.

The high from Apples and Bananas is a powerful cerebral euphoria with a numbing body buzz. As such, the strain is perfect for use at any time, from morning until evening. Some have found that it makes them highly creative while others have even used it to stimulate their workouts. However, many also report that it induces intense munchies, so snacking may be necessary. Everyone agrees that it is a strong strain, so should be treated with caution by newcomers. In fact, it has been found to have average THC levels in the region of 28% making it one of the more potent strains on the market.

It is not easy to come across seeds of Apples and Bananas, so not much is known about how to grow it. However, the strain is possible to buy from dispensaries.

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