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A Hybrid from New House Seeds

Armagnac is a hybrid cannabis strain that was developed by New House Seeds by combining Krome’s The White with the genetics of DJ Short’s Grape Kush. The strain takes its name from a species of grapes from the Gascony region of France that are used to make brandy.

It is a highly fragrant strain and as the name suggests, there are hints of sweet grapes in both the aroma and taste. Together with grapes are notes of earth and spice, and a general skunkiness. When inhaled, Armagnac tastes quite flowery and on the exhale, it brings flavors of herbs and spice that will linger on the palette.

Armagnac is a strain enjoyed by those looking to relax, making it ideal for use in the late afternoon or evenings. While it is a balanced hybrid, it has strong indica dominant effects. Over time, Armagnac will make you sleepy, but first comes a deep feeling of happiness and it can also make people sociable and talkative. Furthermore, Armagnac has been known to induce giggling, which can make it a truly social smoke.

These properties mean that some use Armagnac to help with insomnia, as well as mild cases of depression and anxiety. The only negative effects commonly reported are dry mouth and eyes, which is common to nearly all cannabis strains. It is extremely rare for Armagnac to induce panic or paranoia.

Armagnac is a strain that is considered easy to grow, even for those with no prior experience. When grown indoors it will take around 8 or 9 weeks to flower and produce a large yield. Outdoors, Armagnac will flower around the middle of October.


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