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A Rare and Psychedelic Sativa

Asian Fantasy is a rare sativa-dominant cannabis strain that was long rumored to have completely vanished thanks to its secretive breeder and genetics. However, it has been tracked down and those who make the effort will be able to find it.

The THC level of Asian Fantasy has been measured at between 17% and 24%. The name seems to come from the large, curly buds covered in deep red hairs that have Asian roots. The buds have an aroma of spicy lemon and many people compare their shape to lobster claws.

The high produced by Asian Fantasy is said to be trippy, meditative and invigorating. It begins with an immediate increase in creativity and mood together with body tingles that begin at the head and work down. The intensity will come in waves and it is a highly psychoactive strain, so it is not ideal for those who tend to become paranoid.

Asian Fantasy is also a hugely relaxing strain, making it ideal for the treatment of various conditions. As it is uplifting, it may help with mood and mental health disorders, such as depression and chronic stress. Furthermore, as it has quite strong sedative effects it may also help with muscle pains, headaches, and nausea.

It is very hard to find growing instructions for Asian Fantasy, as it is such a rare strain. However, as it is a sativa from South East Asia, it is fair to assume that it will have a longer cultivation time and behave similarly to plants that thrive in tropical climates.

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