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A CBD-Heavy Strain from Lawrence Ringo

Astral Works is a hybrid cannabis strain with a high CBD content. It was created by breeder Lawrence Ringo by crossing Tangerine Haze with his own Harle-Tsu strain. Both recreational and medicinal users enjoy the strain with its THC level of between 5% and 7% and CBD level of between 9% and 11%.

The strain’s flowers are pinecone-like in shape. The buds have broad leaves that are a bright yellowish green and covered in orange pistils. When it has been properly cured, Astral Works has a fruity scent with notes of citrus. When ground, a pine-like scent is released. Those smoking Astral Works can expect a smooth experience with hints of pine and orange on the exhale.

Astral Works may not give a high in the traditional sense due to its THC and CBD levels. However, it is known to elevate the mood and help smokers spend their time more productively. It may also have mild psychedelic effects, such as a sense of time dilation, while others may find that it inspires creativity and lifts mental inhibitions. Some do experience physical effects, such as a weighty feeling in the limbs and muscle relaxation. The sedative effects take a long time to become apparent, so it is a strain well suited to late afternoon or evening.

With its high CBD content, Astral Works is a favorite of medicinal users. It can help with symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, and it may also help with pains. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with nausea and headaches. It is a good option for those who are inexperienced with THC, as it does not induce repetitive thinking patterns.

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