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A Truly Relaxing Cannabis Strain

Aurora Indica is, as the name suggests, an indica cannabis strain. It was developed by Nirvana Seeds by crossing an Afghani landrace and Northern Lights. It results in a fragrant and resinous flower with THC content of between 12% and 20%.

The flowers have a distinctive conical shape with the structure typical of indica strains. The leaves are a pale green and covered with brown and red pistils. They are also coated with cloudy white trichomes, making the leaves appear even paler. The flowers give of an earthy smell with hints of fruit and berries. When ground the smell expands to include pine and sap. The smoke from Aurora Indica is very smooth, and it can leave a coffee like taste on the exhale.

As is fairly common with indica strains, the high from Aurora Indica comes on subtly. It begins with a tingling around the eyes together with mild warping of depth perception and a sense of time dilation. However, its most obvious effect is that it leaves users completely knocked out and ready to sink into the couch. It provides full body relaxation and leaves the limbs feeling very heavy and unwieldly. As a result, doing anything other than sitting is very difficult on Aurora Indica. On the other hand, the mind remains active and even creative, so lively conversation is possible. Ultimately though, it may leave you just wanting to have a nap.

These properties mean that it may have medicinal benefits. It can help relieve symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, and it can also help to dull physical pain. Furthermore, it is a strong sedative, so it can help those suffering from sleep disorders. Importantly, it is unlikely to induce panic or paranoia, even in inexperienced smokers.

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