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A Fantastic Medicinal Cannabis Strain

Avi-Dekel, also known as Avidekel, is an indica cannabis strain that was developed specifically for medicinal purposes. It was created by Tikun Olam, and while the strain’s genetics are not known, it is hugely popular.

Avi-Dekel has THC levels of just 2%. However, it has CBD levels ranging from 15% up to 18%, which is particularly high. The buds are olive green with golden tones, but there are not many pistils or trichomes. The flavors and smells include earth, nuts and pine, which is rich and refreshing.

It is important to remember that the strain is not intended to get people high. However, those with low tolerance to THC may feel a bit light headed. Rather, it was developed as a medical strain that will leave people feeling uplifted and relaxed. It provides people with energy to get on with important tasks and also leaves them clear headed so that them are able to focus.

Avi-Dekel is best known for helping clear the mind of those who suffer from stress and depression. However, it has also been known to help with physical issues such as headaches, cramps, arthritis, and digestive disorders.

Unfortunately, Avi-Dekel is almost impossible to grow at home, as Tikun Olam has not released any seeds or clones to the general public. However, the rumors say that it is best grown in a Mediterranean climate and that it takes just 7 to 9 weeks to flower. Nonetheless, you are highly unlikely to come across seeds or clippings, so it is better to just search for it in your local dispensary.

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