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A Pure Indica from Barney’s Farm

Ayahuasca Purple a pure indica cannabis strain designed to relax. It was developed by Barney’s Farm by crossbreeding the parent strains Red River Delta and Master Kush. This resulted in a high yielding plant with average THC levels of 21%.

Not only is it a powerful indica, which novice smokers should be cautious with, but it also has fairly high CBD levels, meaning that it is popular with medicinal users as well. The plants are covered with trichomes and they are known for producing a powerful high, even in highly experienced smokers.

Ayahuasca Purple is an excellent choice or those looking to relax after work before going to bed. It produces a heavy body stone, which means that it isn’t best suited for day time consumption, unless you are planning to spend the day relaxing on the couch. However, it is perfect for those just looking to wind down and forget about their troubles for a while. As such, it is popular both recreationally and with those who suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. An aroma of hazelnut and papaya accompanies the enjoyable effects and adds to the relaxing experience.

As a pure indica strain, you can expect Ayahuasca Purple plants to reach a height of around 1 meter. The short and stocky plants will produce a large yield and you will most likely have to use support structures under the branches to prevent sagging caused by the large quantity of flowers. It is considered an easy strain to grow indoors and is ideal for those with limited space. A typical yield is in the region of 650g per square meter.

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