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A Hybrid Strain from Gage Green Group

Aymi is a hybrid cannabis strain that was developed by the Gage Green Group. The strain is a cross between the famous Cherry Pie Kush and Mendodawg, which resulted in a popular strain that showcases Mendocino, California genetics.

Aymi brings flavors of gas, mint chocolate chip and cookie batter from Cherry Pie Kush. At the same time, the attractive bud structure, colors, high and resin from Mendodawg are also present. As such, it represents the best properties of Northern Californian strains and it has become hugely popular with those who enjoy Cookie genetics.

The main effect reported by Aymi users is that of calmness and this is closely followed by euphoria. Many people also report numbness and appetite gain. This suggests that it provides more of a body high than a cerebral high. Therefore, it is probably best used in the evening by those looking to relax.

Aymi is also likely to have many medicinal benefits. Many users say that it can help with pain relief and its calming properties are likely to help with stress and anxiety. It is also likely to be able to help with aches and pains. The only reported negative effect is dry mouth; however, this is common to nearly all cannabis strains and can be easily solved by staying hydrated.

Aymi can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors plants have a flowering time of around 60 days (8 to 9 weeks) and it produces a medium to large yield.

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