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A Hybrid Strain from Breeder DJ Short

As an indica dominant hybrid, Azure Haze is 80% indica and 20% sativa, and it is a very popular variant of the much-loved Blue Dream variety (itself a Blueberry and Silver Haze cross). It has a moderate THC level from anywhere between 16% and 20%, and is the creation of the great DJ Short at Natural Selections in Riverside, California.

It is a very easy to plant to manage for both seasoned as well as novice growers, despite its imposing height. It is also very attractive to look at, with its elongated, spade-shaped flowers which are tightly packed with lots of small but significant buds. It has a fairly slow flowering time of up to 10 weeks, which could be seen as its only slight downside, but considering the amount of bud you get for your efforts, it’s worth the extra wait.

Packed with the finest layer of trichomes and oozing with resin that is almost syrupy in its sweetness, its nugs are glorious. It is a variety that has a fruity zing, with hints of a pine and citrus tang, with melon and sweet pine notes upon exhalation. Those who use it say that its high comes on as a slow build, and its first peak just keeps climbing until a euphoric wave of intense energy hits. Following that, one is hit with a relaxing, dreamy and almost sedative finale that brings on a couch-locked and totally chilled state. As a result, is probably one of the most ideal buds to be smoked evening or night, and for more seasoned smokers, daytime would also suit.

Due to its strong indica element and more balanced sativa influence, it’s also an excellent choice for those looking for treatments to deal with chronic conditions such as joint, muscle or nerve damage, back pain, sciatic pain, broken bones, cluster headaches, migraines or tension headaches.

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