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An indica strain developed by Canadian LP Tweed

A pure 100% indica strain, Bakerstreet was created as a potent variant that is descended from the highly popular Hindu Kush strain. With an average THC level that sits between 16% and 19%, this moist bud exhibits an average range and spectrum of indica effects.

Those who use Bakerstreet describe its high as one which brings about a strong state of euphoria and a feeling of being uplifted, then going forward to elicit very potent waves of feeling creative and inspired. In tandem, there is an all-encompassing mind and body feeling of total relaxation and calm, which is said to provide excellent pain-relieving effects. This state of well-being commences in the neck and back of the head, and gently travels all around the body, leaving one in a couch-locked yet not excessively sedated state.

Owing to these powerful effects, Bakerstreet is often viewed as a perfect strain for dealing with ailments such as persistent and chronic pain due to illness or injury, musculoskeletal spasms, anxiety, stress and even nausea.

Its buds give off an earthy and sweet sandalwood scent, and its flavour is delightfully sweet and earthy, a taste which intensifies upon exhalation. It has big, round, incredibly dense light-greenish nugs, with rich, almost luminous green leaves and deep amber hairs. Seasoned with a snow-like layer of white trichomes, these nugs have a sticky and sweet resin.

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