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An Even Hybrid from Canadian breeder LP Tweed

As an evenly balanced hybrid strain with 50% sativa and 50% indica, Balmoral was created by Canadian breeder LP, Tweed Inc as a phenotype of the enormously popular British Cheese strain. As that denotes, its bud carries the hugely distinctive and pungent stench of blue and smelly cheeses, as befits its parents’ lineage.

Balmoral has a skunk-like undertone which embodies a sweetness that is gently floral, which exudes powerfully from the nugs when they are split open. The resultant flavour is one of a creamy and highly bacterial-addled cheese, together with a fairly sweet tang upon exhalation.

The high from Balmoral begins with a feeling of euphoria that is both mild yet uplifting, and that latter effect stays gently in the system alongside a feeling of happy brain-fog. A calm and chilled sensation comes afterwards, as it incrementally travels around the entire system, creating a feeling of heaviness which, whilst not inhibiting movement, will create a formidable sensation of feeling lethargic and sedate. As its high carries on, the feeling of laziness can become overwhelming, leading to a very somewhat sedated and sleepy state, which can leave some users unable to battle those effects and eventually dozing off.

This relaxed high, together with its reasonably high level of THC, up to 21%, makes it the perfect strain for the treatment of ailments such as chronic anxiety or stress, insomnia, nausea, chronic pain of all origins. With its oval-shaped rich green nugs, it has thin layers of orange coloured hairs alongside a coat of sweet and sticky resin.

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