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An Even Hybrid from the Breeders at Holy Smoke

Banana Bread is a strain that is an evenly balanced hybrid at 50% indica to 50% sativa. It is the result of a cross made by blending the Vietnamese Black strains along with the delicious Purple Kush.

Named as such for its superior and delectable flavour, it is a bud that creates the most divine taste of nutty, fresh, warm and delicious banana bread. The scent which it exudes has the same qualities, with the notable addition of a smattering of herbs and berries in there, too.

The high from Banana Bread is as sublime as the flavour it releases. Its effects are long-lasting and offer a tingling almost warming sensation, which is ideal for mitigating the feelings of any bodily aches, strains or pains. On taking the final draw, a deep sense of feeling calmly elevated sinks in, alongside a joyful and euphoric sensation that casts aside any racing, intrusive or negative thoughts. Once a state of mental balance is reached, a gentle tingling feeling begins to start, as if it were floating over the entire body, taking one to blissful state of complete yet ecstatic calm.

Those effects, together with the relatively high THC levels of 19% to 23%, make Banana Bread an ideal option for anyone suffering with any myriad of physical conditions from inflammation to chronic pain, and mental issues like acute stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic fatigue.

It has distinct and thick bright luminous green nugs with leaves that have a distinctive purple hue and amber tones. It comes with a dense white coating of tiny crystal trichomes.

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